Changing and Improving the Way Promos are Delivered

Problem / Challenge.

One of the largest convenience store chains in North America has to continually release promotional materials (promos) within its stores and in other media.

This was done with many manual processes that involved several teams, which translated into long timetables and maintenance of several tools.

The challenge was to streamline this process and provide a platform where the marketing staff could complete all the tasks in one place.

Yes, we solved it right!

Our team was a crucial part of supporting development and management teams to provide analysis and strategy. By being integrated within the team we were able to help shape the roadmap and be part of the early investigations and analysis, such as stakeholders interviews and different workshops with wide internal teams to understand the whole process involved in the set up of a promotional campaign.

In an agile environment, we provided various assets to support the development of the portal, including the wireframes, functional specifications, and high fidelity designs with an iterative design approach.

To further validate the portal solutions, we based our designs and iterations on the feedback we got from user testing with stakeholders and users of the portal

The outcome.

  • The Ksquare Group launched the portal to the marketing staff, and now they can set up promotional campaigns in less than a week compared to the last time which was 6 to 8 weeks.
  • We also provide ongoing support and business analysis to onboard more teams within the business.

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