Connecting executive professionals with opportunities through intel and crowdsource

Problem / Challenge.

Arch 5 is a technology-driven community for executives and C-level professionals created to boost their career success through continuous networking with peers and the exchange of job opportunities and intel. 

The company was looking to build a coherent user experience by facilitating content findability through an updated UI and surfacing relevant connections among categories to increase member engagement. 

Our role & how we embraced it.

Our Product Design team carried out Discovery activities such as stakeholder workshops and user interviews to unveil users’ pain points and opportunity areas to then iteratively work on the new Information Architecture, applying collaborative design techniques to bring together users and stakeholders. Finally, we took over the UI facelift working on different levels of fidelity such as wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes. 

The outcome.

  • An updated platform with an improved onboarding process and optimized responsive user interface that minimizes user frictions by surfacing the relevant content, facilitating the visibility of content connections, and making them accessible from different parts of the platform. It also includes new features and permanent CTAs to promote members’ interactions and contributions as well as membership upgrades when applicable. 

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