Helping SMBs access public resources

Are you and your bank ready to help SMBs during these testing times with the government’s economic stimulus? We can help SMBs access the CARES Act, and now possibly the Heroes Act.

Together we can solve any challenge, may it be non-touch (social distancing), building a quick loan origination/modification portal, or improving the overall customer experience. Our technology team has expertise in financial Banking, B2B as well as B2C ecosystems. Aligned to the bill worth 350+ billion approved by the senate with historically low-interest rates, allocated to support 30 million small businesses, financial institutions like yours will expect a massive influx of loan applications in the coming weeks.

How can lending banks make the most of this opportunity and be able to meet user expectations, and ensure that their processes are efficient? 

The technology must be intuitive and straightforward from the operational side (internal company processes) and the one that interacts with the final consumer. Among the immediate necessary actions is the creation of a social distancing initiative, such as providing web-based data collection forms, and fillable forms that have the proper security around the user’s sensitive and confidential information.

How can Ksquare help? Collectively our leadership team has over 50+ years of enterprise financial experience. 

We have expertise in industries like Finance, Banking, Non-Profit, and Government sectors, in the US, Europe, and Asia, with capabilities ranging from Strategy to Execution. We excel in solving business problems, user experience, and building scalable technology solutions. 

We can help you to automate processes with non-human touch solutions (to address social distancing): 

We have a range of technology tools and system integration services, which can allow the flow of banking processes without the need of the users’ presence. The customer information can be securely uploaded, processes efficiently using automation. We use market-proven tools such as DocuSign, One Drive, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce. 

Our service goes beyond technology implementation. 

Support is constant from start to end, through the process of migration to the cloud and system integration. Our experts can act as technology advisors to your business, looking for improvements, and helping you achieve goals faster. 

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