A Better Way to Communicate Between the CRM and the User

Problem / Challenge.

Honey CRM understands the challenge that IT companies face when entering the world of marketing. Understanding these challenges, Honey CRM optimized its tools for collaboration with marketing agencies with an emphasis on content production and automation. With this added level of complexity, the challenge is to maintain clear communication from the platform to the user, so that the user has a clear understanding of how the CRM is working. Likewise, the need for nonintrusive yet effective emails
as a communication tool is essential.

Our role & how we embraced it.

In order to gain clarity about the user interaction of the platform it was necessary to map out the entire user journey with the objective of creating a detailed information architecture of the CRM. Our team created detailed sitemaps and user flows of the platform to identify ways to improve communication with the user.

After having a clear structure of the site, a service design blueprint was created that allowed us to analyze user actions from the perspective of the company and identify the opportunities of improvement and the required effort that this would imply for them.

The outcome.

  • The outcome was a detailed list of areas where the communications could be added or improved, based on a detailed analysis of how a user interacts with Honey CRM. While one of the biggest challenges of a CRM platform is communications with the user, these outcomes allow us to see exactly how to improve the feedback that the user needs to be successful. By creating well-curated email notifications, the Honey CRM is able to offer its users a completely user-friendly experience. These points of communication could be customized to be received as emails or internal notifications, based on their platform communications

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