Strategic Acquisition of Counterpoint Solutions

The Ksquare Group Expands Data Offerings with Strategic Acquisition of Counterpoint Solutions

The Ksquare Group has officially acquired Counterpoint Solutions, an industry leader in data governance, engineering, and strategy services. This acquisition marks a major milestone in Ksquare’s ongoing mission to provide unparalleled value to its customers. With the addition of Counterpoint’s expertise, The Ksquare Group is poised to disrupt the data management landscape and usher in the next generation of data innovation and business transformation.

As the industry’s premier provider of advanced data management solutions, The Ksquare Group is ready to deliver optimal outcomes and empower businesses to gain a competitive edge through smarter data-driven strategies. The future of data management has arrived, and The Ksquare Group is leading the charge.

About The Ksquare Group.

The Ksquare Group is dedicated to helping its clients navigate the digital age. With its expertise in a variety of industries and commitment to excellence, the company is poised to take its data practice to new heights with the strategic acquisition of Counterpoint Solutions. For more information about The Ksquare Group, please visit our website.

“This acquisition represents a key milestone in the journey of The Ksquare Group. By joining hands, Ksquare and Counterpoint stand ready to take your data game to the next level. You can say goodbye to data silos and hello to smarter decisions with our data services offerings. I am proud of our progress and look forward to what the future holds as we strive to create more value for our customers and stakeholders.”

varma cir

"Counterpoint Solutions brings highly experienced teams to focus on delivering world-class data initiatives.  Our solutions will help customers in healthcare, retail, telecom, the public sector (federal, state, and local), and more. Over the past few years, our data focus has resulted in the development of data governance methodologies, data quality techniques, data strategies, and master data management capabilities. These are just a few data practice pillars that have led to significant cost savings and the agile delivery of data solutions. Combining our data practice and The Ksquare Group's nimble engineering services team will provide comprehensive data solutions to our clients. Our ability to build industry-specific software data accelerators supporting many different business verticals is a game changer. We are excited at the opportunity to be a part of the Ksquare Group family!”

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