Scaling Success with GlassHive

Scaling Success with GlassHive

Company Overview

Founded by tech industry veteran Giovanni Sanguily, GlassHive started as a full-blown creative services agency for the tech industry. With the goal of helping clients understand the value of their Marketing investment, GlassHive has developed an innovative way of consolidating third-party marketing apps into a single “pane of glass” – allowing data-driven IT service providers to see at a glance whether the money they invest in marketing is actually turning into leads and ROI.


The Challenge

The team at GlassHive listened to their customers and discovered that what they really wanted was not just a hub to check on marketing progress but a full-service sales and marketing platform that would allow them to interact with the data they were receiving. A beta version that the GlassHive team built became immensely popular, and they found themselves with an aggressive roadmap to follow but a small team and limited resources. The need for an outsourced development partner was clear, but finding the right one was, in their words, “a nightmare.”


Our Solution

By the time they met The Ksquare Group, GlassHive was nearly ready to give up on the notion of outsourcing altogether. Fortunately for everyone involved, we were able to win them over by coming to the onboarding process with detailed questions and a desire to understand GlassHive’s business goals and opportunities, as well as the impact of their projects. Perhaps even more importantly, the Ksquare team shared GlassHive’s values and brought to the table an impressive ability to co-create, building a true partnership that’s based on a desire to work together and find the best possible solutions. The fact that we are a nearshore operation that operates in the same time zone as GlassHive definitely didn’t hurt either!

As mentioned, GlassHive is a SaaS (Software as a Service) targeting IT companies of all sizes that manage marketing and sales processes using intuitive tools, pre-built content, and insightful data. It includes CRM, email marketing, sales management, tasks, integrations, marketing plans, collateral builder, marketing, sales reports, journeys, contacts, landing page builder, and SMS.

Our solution was to define a strategy for Migrating from their monolithic architecture on C# to a Microservice Architecture on NodeJS, MVP for Microservice Architecture, and bringing the first microservices into the ecosystem.

Some of the implementations/improvements of different features include landing pages, SMS, custom fields, collateral analytics, sales update, vendor partner assignment, forms builder, notification system, account management, marketplace, social media, invoicing, reports, usage analytics, email inbox, and Document Builder among others.



GlassHive has been so impressed with Ksquare’s transparency, cultural fit, and ability to provide value that they recommend us to potential clients in every industry without hesitation.

“I’m very thankful that we found The Ksquare Group because they just changed everything (for us). Really awesome culture and people, very talented, in the same time zone – we talk every day, we challenge them on new ideas, and they contribute. It really feels like they’re a part of the team!”

At The Ksquare Group, we know that companies depend on technology to reach their business goals. With a team of talented consultants, software engineers, and designers, we are ready to conceptualize, implement, and escalate technological solutions that will let you unleash the full potential of your business.

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