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YETI is an outdoor manufacturer company specializing in ice chests, vacuum-insulated stainless-steel drinkware, soft coolers, and related accessories. One of the biggest differentiators between YETI and its competition is the quality and the detailed customization a client can get with Yeti products. In terms of IT, YETI combines different solutions and products to fulfill its process of selling and product customization. However, massive growth has caused them to look to The Ksquare Group as a Salesforce implementation partner to help them stay on top of their technology and plan for the future.


Business growth is a great thing, but your technology has to grow with you, if not ahead of you, to continue to see your business succeed. This was the case for our client Yeti. They knew they had to get ahead and plan for their growth to scale and scale with efficiency, and they wouldn’t be able to do that with their current technology setup. With an extensive catalog of products and customizations, Yeti pushed the IT department to redesign existing solutions and optimize current resources.


Salesforce clouds had been the go-to for Yeti thus far. We planned to leverage their current technology while integrating new ones to improve performance, efficiency, and scalability.

Salesforce is a powerful tool; however, we needed to develop multiple integrations, including ones with the payment gateway and PCI Pal, and improve performance within Salesforce to accomplish our goal. Some other integrations and implementations we had to do in order to maximize their technology were SAP ERP and Art system integrations, trigger framework implementations, and migration from Visualforce and Aura Components to LWC. Beyond integrations, we continued to analyze and redesign data for performance and optimization and resolve product support tickets with code analysis and solution designs.

We continue to work with Yeti to find the best solutions for new projects and enhancements, as well as the best Salesforce technologies to solve their problems.


With the growth Yeti had, not updating or scaling their technology could have crippled their continued success. Instead, they planned out and leveraged Salesforce and other technologies to keep them on the growth path. With our improvements, Yeti now has an efficient and scalable system to manage their sales, customizations, and happy customers!



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