How Ksquare Helped Improve Positive Engagement Among Staff and Users for a Financial Application


Our client is a financial application where you can view aggregated data from thousands of data points across multiple vetted financial, industry, and news sources 24/7/365. Perfect for legal and finance teams, this application gives you the data in one place. Ksquare deployed its top-tier developers in finding a solution that creates a seamless experience between the user and the application while saving time and costs.


The overall application performance was slow, resulting in a terrible response time for the end-user. A large number of bugs were also being reported on a regularly occurring basis. The application was unusable, and the amount of money invested in the project prevented management from allowing for an entire rewrite of the application. With the current codebase having a high code complexity and no unit test cases, the time taken to resolve a bug with confidence was excessive. Without a positive user experience, the application, over time, would become unusable.


We proposed to management that we would build a proof of concept to see all the capabilities that Angular has to offer. We defined a clear architecture along with documentation for the project. At this point, we were given the go-ahead to turn our proof of concept into an actual project. The key outcomes of the rewrite were:

  1. Keeping low cyclomatic complexity
  2. Proper folder structure
  3. Architecture is defined from the beginning
  4. Documentation for the project
  5. Unit tests
  6. Reusable code


Our client went from wasting time & money on a dying application to having confidence that their application is functioning the way it should, helping them make money and save time!

We helped deliver a working application written in Angular and deployed it to production. The codebase is much more organized, well written, and unit tested with documentation. Ksquare defined the overall system architecture perfectly as well. This became much easier to involve new team members and provided confidence in the application and its ability to do what the end-user is expecting.

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