Node.js – The Preferred Choice for Large Enterprises

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform run-time environment indulging in real-time applications and improving the dynamics of a website. Major corporations worldwide, such as LinkedIn, Uber, Netflix, Trello, NASA, Medium, and more, use it to make their coding faster and experience better performance. This server-side JavaScript system is in high demand for developing web apps, and its robust capability moves most companies. 


Why are big companies moving to Node.js?

It impressively solves production challenges with companies improving their loading time by up to 60%. Regardless of a developer’s preferred operating system, Node.js is effectively available to any developer since it is open-source. Ryan Dahl, the brains behind Node.js, in a podcast with Mapping The Journey, said, “I think where Node has shined, weirdly, is on the client-side. So, doing kind of scripting around building websites.”


JavaScript developers have actively been manifesting dynamic web pages with much lower CPU usage and fasting loading time.


Three additional reasons why companies are moving to Node.js:

1.- It eases the process of error-checking with better processing speed.

2.- Since it is an open-source server, it accelerates the scalability for advanced applications.

3.- It can address customizable implementations and helps in achieving those custom requirements from large enterprises.


The non-blocking paradigm of Node.js worked perfectly for JavaScript without any threads, as Ryan Dahl points out. To improve the performance of the server speed and interface loading time, Netflix made an intelligent choice by shifting its focus to this open-source server environment to accelerate performance with the likes of Trello, Twitter, and PayPal.



It has undoubtedly moved the industry towards implementing an ideal application to eliminate the shortcomings. If you are looking for a demonstrated system to build your operations, Node.js is the right call for you to make it happen hassle-free. The Ksquare Group can help you dive into this absolute world of technology to increase your developers’ productivity, application performance, and above all, customer satisfaction.


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