Enhancing Salesforce to help a global medical technology company


A global medical technology company that specializes in the development and sale of surgical and patient monitoring products and services, partnered with The Ksquare Group to leverage their Salesforce instance to better equip their entire team with reports, customer data, and inventory.

Trying to Manage multiple types of inventory and flow. 

Healthcare professionals across the world have come to value this client as a technological leader of medical products. As their need for inventory management increased, they had several legacy applications integrated into Oracle EBS in order to manage their sample field inventory as well as sales rep and department budgets allocated to this sample inventory. 

They tried to solve this over the years by developing various forms of remote applications in order to track inventory location, flow of returns, rush orders, and overall logistics of sample inventory used for sales and delivery.  

But it wasn’t working. Pipeline inventory and sample inventory for sales reps was still siloed which made it difficult to see the big picture for the company as a whole. This cost them time, segmented reports, and increased costs due to lack of accurate reporting. 

After hearing their needs and wants, we knew instantly we had just what they needed to help improve the overall flow of their inventory management.  

A custom solution from The Ksquare Group 

Our client chose Salesforce for all of their pipeline management so it was a natural extension to create a unified experience for the account executives in the Salesforce UI. 

The solution was The Ksquare Group’s Salesforce app called Ksquare Devices. They used it because our Salesforce native approach plus integrating that into Oracle EBS gave them the best of both worlds. A modern mobile interface for field sales and a fully integrated approach that tracks budgets, tracks returns in the ERP system, as well as all the financial requirements for the flow of inventory.  

Ksquare Devices

Ksquare Devices puts your product inventory into Salesforce, and uses the Salesforce1 mobile platform plus integrated bar code scanning to provide an end-to-end solution for inventory management. It was designed for companies facing ISO 13485 compliance, and the latest version now supports broader ERP integration and configuration and inventory management. 
Ksquare Devices is native to Salesforce and Salesforce1, which you and your reps are already using. It keeps all your data on Salesforce, leveraging everything the platform has to offer. Because of this, it’s better than any other platform – all your customers, clients, products, and serial numbers all in ONE place. It’s an end-to-end product lifecycle platform, tracking inventory, CAPA, training, audits, and everything you need for ISO 13485 compliance in Salesforce. 

Ksquare Devices allows reps to see the inventory in locations around them and manage multiple customer inventory locations all from their mobile phone within the Salesforce interface, which is the same that they use for their pipeline inventory. So, all customer data and inventory data are stored there as well, thanks to Ksquare Devices. 




This provided significant cost savings, greatly superior reporting, and a quantum leap in the efficiency of the sample inventory process for our client.

Delivering performance across the organization. 

When all your data is in one app, your salespeople are contributing to your quality process with one transparent database across the entire organization of sales, service, and compliance. Your teams will deliver better quality devices with more accurate and real-time inventory management, tracking, and visibility. 

We took care of the technology so they could get back to delivering surgical and patient monitoring products and services across the globe. 


Is your company in the medical device field looking to improve inventory and reporting?  

We have the expertise to help guide you to a smooth system to deliver your inventory needs. 


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