Salesforce Solutions for a Manufacturing Company


A manufacturing company with a mission to create innovative solutions that build a better world hired The Ksquare Group to analyze and build a solution for the internal challenge of employees managing their enterprise URLs and logins.

Using all the right tools, now to just remember how to get to them.

This manufacturing company solves tough water treatment and processes improvement challenges for customers in the consumer, industrial and pool water markets through people, experience and technology. Implementing technology not only as a solution for their services but also for internal employees was at the forefront of creating a successful and efficient company. However, the issue at hand for the employees at this company was the challenge of navigating various Enterprises applications while performing day-to-day activities, such as maintaining multiple App URL’s and credentials.

Having all the right tools is critical to getting day-to-day tasks done, but when your tools are all spread out and unorganized it can be hard to find the right one. No one likes digging through an unorganized garage full of tools, they needed an easy solution to organize and bring all them all into one easy to find place.

A Salesforce solution from The Ksquare Group

The Ksquare Group uses an Agile method to help deliver custom solutions for their clients, and this project was no different. After a discovery meeting, listening to the challenges, and understanding the current apps being used, The Ksquare Group had a plan for a solution in place!



To create a single point of entry to an Application Hub built on Salesforce using SSO for all the employees to access their respective authorized Enterprise Applications.



  1. Create a limited functional POC which proves the feasibility of the proposed solution.
  2. UX prototype to show how the proposed solution would look like when completely implemented.

Getting All the Tools Together

Using the Salesforce development platform, The Ksquare Group built the application hub that contained all the applications that the user has access to including shortcuts to get where they need to be fast.  With SAML based Signe Sign-On integration every employee had seamless access between all applications on mobile app, web and desktop web.

The Ksquare Group knew they could build the solution, but to take it to the next level they got together with their UI/UX team to make sure it not only did what it was supposed to, but to look good and be easy to use as well.

“This is why we love Salesforce! We were able to take the technology they were already using and bring it all together in one place, giving their employees an easy-to-use experience.”

– Mohan Kumar – The Ksquare Group | Salesforce Technical Architect

Productivity and happy employees.

Now with all employees having easy access to applications using Salesforce, productivity can resume at this manufacturing company. Sometimes having all the right tools might not be enough. It may take finding a partner like The Ksquare Group to help understand the problem and build a solution that best fits your company. We have seasoned software engineers and Salesforce experts that understand these issues and know how to solve them.


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