Using Salesforce to Simplify Sales Processes for an ICT Corporation


We are excited to work with our client, an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) leader in operation for 120 years. They have been enabling new approaches in how Communications and IT services are delivered and managed so organizations can operate more safely and efficiently including delivering more engaging customer experiences. The Ksquare Group helped customize their sales processes and configured multiple different integrations for each division. 



Our client was facing the problem of using Microsoft Dynamics and HubSpot separately, which made inputting data time-consuming. They could not customize their sales environment to their needs successfully and made them feel restricted using Microsoft Dynamics. They were upset that they could not correctly sync HubSpot and report between the two environments. 

As a company that prides itself on helping businesses operate more efficiently, they couldn’t continue to use systems that took more time away from what they are ultimately focused on. 



To solve this problem for our client, we used the Agile method to get their feedback for constantly improving their already existing sales processes.   

After listening and getting feedback, we came up with a plan. We utilized the power of Salesforce to improve their sales processes and integrated HubSpot with two-way sync; simplifying the data entry process and giving more control and configuration to our client’s leaders.  

Ksquare used the HubSpot Integration and Salesforce out-of-the-box configurations like Process Builder, Approval Processes, Queues, Sharing rules, and Workflows to complete the solution and give our client a new efficient way to work! 





As a result of our work, our client is no longer required to enter data in multiple environments with the HubSpot Integration. A more efficient company! Not only that, but now they can adequately see reporting and forecasting data from all divisions, giving them what they need to continue to be a thriving company. 

As our client continues to expand, they have brought on three different divisions in their Salesforce environment, with two more joining soon. As they continue to grow in their Salesforce environment, they have multiple other divisions that they would like to bring in over the next few years. 



Our client went from a double workload that took time away from them focusing on what is important to an efficient group of divisions excited with the expanded functionality and control they now have because of the customization of their Salesforce environment. They were happy that Ksquare could facilitate multiple custom solutions for each division to create simplified and straightforward sales processes. 

In the end, using the right tools customized in the right way can help create an efficient and stable plan to help your business grow. 


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