Why Companies need to Opt for Mule 4

  •  Self-Tuning Engine

With Mule 4, there is no need to tune the runtime manually. It consolidates the self-tuning engine, allowing developers to reap the benefits of non-blocking I/O (Input/Output) calls. The self-tuning engine automates the strategy-processing configuration, and adjusts the runtime, making it apt for diverse workloads. Thus, it essentially helps avoid performance bottlenecks. 

With the Mule 4 self-tuning engine, developers can put the entire application flow development in a single thread instead of manually performing various steps such as threading configuration and data-pattern exchange declaration.

  • Thread Pools 

In Mule 4, thread pooling is not done manually. The programs use the Mule runtime’s default values, which is self-tuned. However, if there is a need to do it manually, the users should configure the minimum and maximum thread values. 

  • Error Handling

Earlier, the handling of errors was based on Java exceptions, which followed a trial-and-error approach. So, Mule 3 could not provide information on the nature of errors, making the developers’ work lengthy and burdensome. Mule 4, on the other hand, supports error identification and management during the design development time. The errors are skilfully typed, coming with specific problem statements. Thus, it becomes convenient for developers to identify and resolve errors instantly. 

  • DataWeave 2.0 

The earlier versions of Mule runtime comprised DataWeave and Mule Expression Language (MEL), which delivered a consistent experience while handling JSON expressions. It could not manage data transformations and mule messages, creating a fragmented environment.

In Mule4, MEL is not used. Instead, Mule 4 incorporates DataWeave 2.0, which organizes and simplifies the data making it easy to learn. Moreover, it advances the integration abilities by building reusable codes to instantly access data without the need to transform them.

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