About Mule 4

MuleSoft has made it easy to unify data and build connected experiences, further becoming a name to bank on. With the newly released Mule 4, this integration software has created a buzz across industries with its advanced features. 

Mule 4, the new runtime offered by MuleSoft, is exceptionally designed to aid application development as it decreases the steps to build applications by approximately 50%. It delivers improved connectivity and supports ultra-rapid data access, boosting developers’ confidence and supporting his/her learning experiences. 


Conceptually, you can think of Mule 4 as a progression of Mule 3. Many core concepts, including applications, flows, connectors, and DataWeave, remain the same. However, it is hugely more straightforward since there is less to manage.


It is essentially built to boost scalability and support smooth upgrades; this integration software incorporates advanced features like self-tuning engines that promote performance optimization.


Moreover, MuleSoft has no intention to support 3.x in the future and would be reaching the end of life by 2024. For the reasons mentioned earlier, migrating sooner than later is better. If the number of applications using Mule 3.x increases over a while, it might get challenging to upgrade later. Moreover, it is imperative to migrate to Mule 4 to be able to profit from Mule 4 key capabilities.

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