Living and working in Merida, the second safest city in America

This city on the southeastern shore of Mexico offers more than an above-average quality of life: it also has grown to become a great place to take your professional career one step further.

Usually, people travel on holiday to experience exciting new cities, to have some nature time in quiet places to get fully relaxed or go to the beach to work on their tan. But, what if you could actually live in a city that offers a laid-back lifestyle, an exciting cultural environment, and the promise of dipping your feet into the sand by the sea, every day, with less than a twenty-minute commute?

Merida, what, where, and how?

Here’s a brief geography lesson (that you actually didn’t ask for): Mexico is a big country. To give you a tiny bit of perspective: Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Portugal, and other 18 European countries can fit INSIDE the limits of Mexico’s 1.973 million km².

On the southeastern coast of this great country, you can find Yucatan, a paradisiac place with amazing landscapes and a never-ending jungle (have you seen the images of a pink water beach on Instagram? Yeah, that’s Yucatan). Its capital is Merida, a fast-growing city that increases its population by 1.55% per year, and today is home to almost a million people.

Merida can list itself some amazing achievements as a city: in 2017 it gained the title of American Capital of Culture (and is the first city to repeat the recognition). Other great titles include the second safest city in the North American continent – only behind Quebec City, in Canada.

This year it was considered the Best Small City by Condé Nast Traveller, and in 2017 Lonely Planet named Merida as the American capital of culture for its lively music and cultural flamboyance.

But, what is it like to live in Merida?

Big cities are great, or that’s what people usually think… Until you find yourself without time without even noticing: you are always in a rush because of the traffic, going to work early only to leave late, with no time to run errands, see friends and family, and no time for experiencing authentic nature. Because let’s be honest, there are so few cities in the world that allow breathing actual clean air without having to drive outside of the city limits.

After almost thirty years of living in Mexico City, I found myself ready for a change of air. Literally, when you consider the pollution factor. I received a job offer in Merida and the choice was an easy one. Now, after six months of living in Merida, the concept of time got another meaning: yes, it is a slower and quieter city, but it also offers a lot of entertaining stuff to do thanks to its cultural role in the continent. And you ACTUALLY have time to enjoy it!

It is also beautiful in every way because of its geography (have you heard about the ‘cenotes’, those wells of spring water where people swim? Or about the pink lagoon where the flamingoes breed? It is pretty awesome). Mexican food, considered part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is beyond savory and special in Yucatan.

Let’s not forget that more than forty Merida delegations have bike paths properly designed to make bicycle use safer. So, transportation doesn’t have to be a headache. Do you see yourself biking in the colonial streets of Merida, already?

Working in Merida

Yucatan is among the states with the lowest unemployment rates. As of the third quarter of 2011, according to INEGI data, the economically active population (PEA for its initials in Spanish) of the state amounted to 935,936 people, of which 907,325 were employed (553,683 men and 353,642 women) with respect to the first quarter of 2009, this represented an increase of almost a 0.04% in the employment of people. And since then, it has been maintained.

With a growth in the economy and in the generation of formal jobs, Yucatan was placed in 6th place in the country with the best performance in this area. It was also announced that seven companies of local, national, and foreign capital, in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and textile industries will make an investment of 5,542 million pesos to generate 10,570 direct jobs and 34,700 indirect jobs.

Technology is a newly expanding industry in Merida. This sector is planned to contribute to the economic and technical progress of the state through support for university education and new jobs. Ksquare is, of course, on top of the list of companies collaborating with the state to embrace better opportunities for its employees and new hires – from students to senior roles.

See you in Merida!

If you made it this far, I’m sure I’ll see you in Merida quite soon. Who can resist all the wonders in this region? (Oh, Yucatan also has Chichén Itzá, one of the 7 wonders of the modern world). Now, go and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn how Ksquare can be your next stop for working in the amazing city of Merida.

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