Ksquare’s Provider Genie: Optimizing Your Provider Network with AI

Recent Kaiser Family Federation (KFF) data shows that Sixty-three percent of patients are dissatisfied with their providers’ digital interfaces, and 64% have foregone care due to poor digital experiences. It is safe to say that currently companies with poor network management of providers are ineffective.  

Dealing with healthcare provider networks is complicated. Ksquare’s Provider Genie is a revolutionary 360 AI-based solution that enables accuracy, network clarity, and timely decisions. 


Discover our solution 

Provider Genie acts as an intelligent magnifying glass, an assistant that brings together diverse data sources into a robust view of your organization’s provider network. Provider Genie also goes further, revealing interconnections between organizations, contracted plans and individual physicians.  

This visualization tool enables the user. It efficiently finds providers, identifies partnerships, locates out-of-network providers, and explores in-network connections. What does that mean? Effective data-driven decisions faster. A complete view to react quickly to regulatory changes and optimize network performance. 

By accessing highly accurate and timely provider data, increasing data reliability and regulatory compliance, and minimizing the risk of errors and industry regulatory fines, we solve most of your provider network concerns quickly.



Provider Genie 360 provides you with business solutions 

Our tool is ready to allow you to make quick, assertive decisions and get the results you need for your healthcare organization.  Here are the most common use cases that we are prepared for: 


Provider affiliations: Management and tracking of relationships between providers and healthcare organizations.  

  • 4 Dimensions of data affiliation. 
  • Full visibility into network affiliation. 

Payer Dynamics: Analyzing and adapting to changes in the healthcare insurance landscape. 

  • Real-time dynamic network management. 
  • Tailored to changing healthcare providers and payer networks. 

Network adequacy: Identifying and reaching specific healthcare providers for strategic purposes. 

  • Prioritize provider activities and data standards. 
  • Dynamic visualization of ever-changing networks to ensure adequacy within a network 

Provider Truth: Centralized database management for comprehensive provider information. 

  • Display networks to reach providers. 
  • Single source of accurate provider data based on your requirements. 

Why implement Provider Genie 360?  

  • Improved User Experience: A more streamlined way with a more comprehensive, easy to-use interface and intuitive search.  
  • Informed decisions: Data-driven information for confident decision-making. 
  • Automate tedious tasks: Gain efficiency and avoid wasting time in tasks such as data validation and attestation. 
  • Scalability: Optimizing resource allocation for quicker adaptation. 
  • Smart Investment: Avoid errors, streamline processes and avoid penalties by using a cost-effective solution. 
  • Advanced AI Learning: Provider Genie adapts to processes and business growth. 

How does Provider Genie 360 do it? 
Provider Genie harnesses the power of AI to improve provider network management with timely data validation, and matches information from multiple primary sources with payer directories in real-time, ensuring accuracy and minimizing discrepancies.   


New Possibilities with The Ksquare Group 
Ksquare’s Provider Genie transcends network visualization, offering a strategic solution for hospitals, payers, medical groups, And others. It streamlines primary source validation, reducing time from days to minutes. By staying ahead of regulatory changes, it proactively identifies compliance risks, protects organizations from costly audits and fines. In addition, Provider Genie minimizes litigation risks by increasing data accuracy and mitigating the threat of penalties and lawsuits. By automating tasks and streamlining processes, it reduces operational costs while improving provider management, fostering stronger relationships, and ensuring information integrity. 


Improve Your Healthcare Practice: Let’s start the conversation at HIMSS 2024.
With Provider Genie, not only gain a clear view of your company’s provider network, but also a competitive and strategic advantage, such as faster decision-making and greater data reliability. Tackle the complexities of healthcare with confidence and achieve operational excellence.     

Ready to take the power of AI into your provider network? Visit us at HIMSS 2024 March 12th-15th in Orlando, booth #6860, Digital Healthcare Technology Theme Park.    

Delve into and experience the power of Provider Genie and discover how it can improve your healthcare organization.     

Meet our team of experts, eager to understand your specific challenges. Through personalized conversations, they’ll show you how Provider Genie can address your organization’s unique needs, offering tailored solutions to optimize your network management strategy.  

Missed HIMSS? Talk to one of our experts and find out how Provider Genie can benefit your organization.   

Click here to start transforming your provider management network. 


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