Improving the Work Experience of Kitchens with Design

Problem / Challenge.

In 2019, one of the largest convenience store chains in America wanted to innovate in its retail services area, including fast food services in some of its branches. They were looking at a value proposition to offer quality strawberry food without losing the essence of the brand’s prompt service.

The challenge was to offer a convenient, safe & secure digital checkout experience to QSR associates and customers and increase service speed.

Our approach.

To solve this challenge, we went through a complete design process: we empathized, defined, devised, prototyped, and tested.

We completed the competitive analysis, user personas, stakeholder interviews, and service design analysis in the research phase.

The next steps were to define the value proposition and prioritize features. We worked on information architecture, flow mapping, and user journey mapping to draw some Sketches.

Following this, we built wireframes, mockups, medium-fidelity prototypes, and even a components library. We tested the prototype with different users in their work contexts.

The outcome.

  • Reduce order taking time from 2 minutes to a 50-second average by enhancing the flow through the line (During rush hours, orders passed to the cashier 2-3 times).
  • Understanding the workflow both in the kitchen, at the bar, at the restaurant cashier, and in the convenience store allowed us to design a product that fits employees’ actual workflow, improving their work experience.

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