Drone Registration System | BSA

Problem / Challenge.

Our client, Boy Scouts of America, didn’t have any control over the purchased drones that were used for their activities. Our main challenge was to design and implement a Drone Registration System (DRS) with 3 key user roles: admin, processor and customer service portal. This system had to ensure that the drones are not cloned or offered for sale to people outside the organization without going through an approval process or express permission.

Our role & how we embraced it.

To achieve our goal, we worked with the Double Diamond methodology and the following tools:


  • Service Blueprint: A collaborative tool that helped us to understand the relationship between all the actors and systems involved.
  • User Personas: Once we understood that we had many actors, we defined the characteristics, motivations, skills, and interests of each one of them.
  • Information Architecture: Thanks to the previous tools, we were able to identify all of the components needed for our web app. Now we had to organize, structure, and label those components, and we did this by creating the Information Architecture.
  • User Flow: After we defined the Information Architecture, we created the paths that each one of the users should follow to achieve their tasks.


At the end of our research and planning, we had all the necessary information to design the web app, so we started creating lo-fi mockups. After lots of iterations, we were able to pass those lo-fi mockups to hi-fi mockups.

The outcome.

  • By following the methodology and tools mentioned above, we were able to understand the needs of each one of the users who will have access to the platform, and based on this, build an easy path for them to follow and thus be able to complete their tasks at work.
  • Establishing good communication with the client was key for the project, and thanks to that communication, the client was actively involved in the web-app design.
  • The creation of this administration and registration system will also directly impact the end-users of the drones who, thanks to the Customer Service platform, will be able to obtain faster and updated answers on the status of their drones.

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