SaaS Product Supporting Legal Company


When a large private equity firm acquired a SAAS product that supports legal companies, The Ksquare Group partnered to help them align with new organization management, define a strategy to become an independent company, and support 100% revenue continuity all within a strict timeline. 


Finding a partner to match their vision & needs. 

Large private equity firms and strategic partner companies have worked to go beyond traditional private equity in building businesses whose results are driven by a collaborative culture that listens, learns, and inspires growth.  So it’s no surprise that this PE firm set its sights on a nifty legal software solution.

The SAAS company’s goal is to help lawyers do more of what matters and this mission became increasingly more important due to the pandemic when lawyers weren’t able to go into the office, get the files they needed or have the capacity to take on more clients.  

The PE firm knew they needed to take the SAAS company to the next level but first needed to acquire it (and the underlying 54-system tech stack) and replicate it into the partners’ ecosystem. To make the technical lift of the acquisition even more hair-raising, there was a $500K penalty for each month beyond 8 months that the lift and shift took to complete.  


Creating a foundation to grow on. 

The stakes were high so the private equity firm sent RFPs to several veteran technology services partners who they believed could move quickly, expertly, and not break the bank. 

In the end, the 3 factors that led to the large private equity firm selecting The Ksquare Group for this complex project were: 

  • Our extensive track record of success helping other private equity firms with everything from migrating CRMs, to cloud ERP to custom development 
  • Our commitment to delivering the project in 8 months when other tech partners needed 12 to 18 months 
  • The extremely competitive rates we’re able to offer, leveraging our nearshore center of excellence in Mexico 


“Our dedicated team jumped right in and synced up flawlessly with the SAAS product team in order to meet deadlines on a complicated integration. Our success on this project can really be boiled down to rigorous discovery and then strong and constant communication with our client. Well, that and 8 straight weeks of 24/7 shifts by the team!”  

– Glenn Kohner – The Ksquare Group Salesforce 


We decided to provide a rapid and rigorous discovery phase to test the impact and gather organization-wide feedback on risks and scope options. By adapting managed packages and test coverage we were able to minimize technical debt with milestone dates. Using Salesforce and 54 new systems, our goal was to create a full end-to-end system for marketing, CRM, finance, payments and analytics for the SAAS product. 



Ready for takeoff. 

After migrating 100M+ records, integrating 54 new systems, and supporting 100% revenue continuity, the SAAS product company was functioning completely as an independent company ready for growth and success within the private equity firm’s portfolio. Our client not only transitioned to remote work smoothly, but they have also 4X’ed their case intake due to the technology foundation that was built.  


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