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The recruitment process is the backbone of every company: a structure that translates into efficacy and facilitates the attraction of top-notch talent out there.  

Until recently, one of the most popular and robust web applications for hiring managers and recruiters was Google Hire, which relied on its integration with other Google services to deliver value to any company. Unfortunately, Google Hire was discontinued on September 1, 2020, leaving its customers with a hard-to-fill void.  

That is when KS Hire arrived. Having used Google Hire before, The Ksquare Group decided to create its hiring platform in-house to meet this new market need. KS Hire was built by the talented developers of The Ksquare Group who strived to create a product that better fits its unique processes, keeping flexibility in mind so that it can be open-sourced as a contribution to the community.  


Candidates Dashboard


Candidate Profile


A modern front-end  

Early on, our in-house team decided to rely on a front-end based on TypeScript, React, and Redux, all tried and true technologies that offer scalability, ease of use, and a solid codebase. While combining React’s components with the power of TypeScript’s type security, the team was able to deliver a product less prone to bugs and simpler to develop on. Finally, to manage the web application’s robust state, Redux was perfect because of its reliability and ecosystem. 

Secure back-end  

On the back-end, the team chose MySQL for its database needs, which provided a trustworthy system that is used and trusted across multiple industries and services. To connect it all, KS Hire uses Flugzeug, a lightweight NodeJS framework that makes creating APIs, models, controllers, and services a breeze. With built-in, powerful generators and support for Sequelize queries, Flugzeug proved to be an invaluable tool in the team’s shed.  

Servers – Up and Running!  

To make the deployment of KS Hire as easy as possible, the team chose Docker as its go-to solution for container needs, and Nginx as its web server. Finally, for its maiden voyage on the production seas, the team chose to host KS Hire on an Ubuntu server.  

Give it a try! 

If KS Hire sounds interesting to you or you feel like contributing to this open-source project, follow the links below:  

KS Hire

KS Hire Back-end

Last but not least, the team would like to thank all those who contributed to this project, without whom KS Hire would not be a reality today:  

José Osorno, Javier Ontiveros, Rodrigo Méndez, Jacob García, Julián Carrillo, Abraham Berzunza, Jorge Eroza, Eduardo Monforte, Verónica Bautista, Fátima Avilés, Alan Ayala, Alexa Domínguez, Carlos Franco, Cistian Alvarado, Julián Soto, and Rafael Rodríguez 


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