5 Reasons for Nearshore Outsourcing your Technology

We live in a digital world and having a group of developers to keep your company up-to-date with technology needs is more important than ever today.  

However, acquiring new software developers has become more complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. Even if you find a suitable person for the job, it usually takes time & effort to keep them motivated & working for your company. Another option is to hire an in-house software development team, but that can be a challenging task. Finding a qualified person at the right price is going to be tricky, not to mention you will probably need more than one person. So, your best option is to outsource. As far as outsourcing, there are typically a few options. You can either hire a local team (in-house personnel), a nearshore team (from a country in a nearby time zone), or an offshore team (that is half a world away). 

In-House, Offshore or Nearshore? So which option should you choose? 

There are pros and cons for all options. However, we have found the greatest ROI is nearshore. Nearshoring is an outsourcing model where a company partners with a team with an adjacent or nearby country. This means working with developers in Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, or Argentina for U.S. firms.  

We put together our top 5 reasons to start partnering with a nearshore company, today! 

 1. Greater ROI 

Like we said earlier, ROI is probably the greatest reason to partner with a nearshore company. Isn’t that what all businesses want? When you choose to partner with a nearshore provider, the entire project cost is likely to cut down on budget due to a greater return on investment per hour. The work achieved simultaneously with nearshore development is faster and higher in quality, thus delivering a higher ROI. 


2. Skilled Workforce 

Talent shortage may be one of the principal reasons companies look to expand their teams by partnering with offshore and nearshore development companies. Both of these designs have highly skilled talent to offer. However, nearshore outsourcing provides the added benefit of proximity while also saving costs by reducing spending on overhead and labor. At the Ksquare Group we are proud to be able to train and build up a skilled workforce by putting new developers through a rigorous work/training program. So, by the time they are done we know we have some of the top software engineers to offer!  

3. Close Time Zones 

 Having an outsourced team working on the other side of the world indicates that they must wait for hours before getting anything done. Working with an adjacent or nearby country allows for same or close time zones! This not only contributes to a massive rise in productivity, but you also don’t have to wake up at late hours just to take a meeting. 

4. Cultural Similarities 

Businesses often turn to offshore as an easy way to increase agility, only to run into cultural barriers and communication obstacles. Nearshore outsourcing can reduce difficulties caused by language barriers and cultural norms that make it harder to reach goals and meet deadlines. One of the things The Ksquare Group does with all of their up-and-coming engineers is train them in communication and interpersonal skills. They are not only highly trained developers but also know how to communicate and understand cross-cultural needs. 

5. Reduced Travel Costs 

Sending staff across the globe for project meetings can be exhausting and expensive in an outsourced team. The best thing about nearshore software development is that most U.S. airports have direct flights to the best nearshore locations. Rather than spending a couple of days traveling, it only takes a few hours if you need to conduct face-to-face meetings. Remember that ROI we talked about? This can be a huge savings for your company. 


So, when it comes to looking for the best developers for your project or company, you have a few options to choose from. Whether to employ an in-house software development team or outsource it requires a careful reflection of your business priorities. 

With some of the top talent around and a great ROI, nearshoring with the right company like The Ksquare Group can give you the peace of mind that your technology project is in good hands!  

Want to learn more about The Ksquare Group and nearshore possibilities for your company? Schedule a call or check out our website to learn more! 

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