From Analog to Digital, Adapting to Industry Trends

Problem / Challenge.

TSU One is a utility contracting company specializing in installing underground electric, gas, and telecommunication infrastructure for residential and commercial projects. ​

We dedicated a team of more than +100 trained experts, a whole fleet of vehicles and equipment to provide +35 construction crews’ capability. Workflow management and tracking became a rugged mountain to climb. With so many employees and countless tasks, there was no easy way to manage and follow in detail each work team’s activities, what they were working on, and where and when. ​

The TSU One technology team knew they needed to move their processes from manually to an online tool. The challenge was clear, and they were ready to take the next step: to digitize all of the workflow, tracking, and management processes.

Our approach.

The Ksquare Group UX Team and the TSU One team carefully planned each step and stage that the project would need through a series of workshops to gain a deep understanding of the business area. Using Miro, the teams designed a dashboard to have a clear, thorough vision of the requirements and identify multiple areas of opportunity to improve their business processes.

The outcome.

  • The web application would register and update the jobs, their characteristics, and information. According to the business rules captured by work and the Foreman registers’ entries, this mobile application will provide the appropriate information to follow the work and each worker’s development. The administrator can then verify and monitor the entire process with telematics and live clock-in, clock-out timers.

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