Service Cloud Voice

We help companies boost contact center productivity and customer satisfaction with an intelligent telephony tool.
Service Cloud Voice

Solve phone cases faster and smarter with Service Cloud Voice.

When we configure Service Cloud Voice, you can give all your customers an incredible phone experience no matter where your agents takes the call. With Service Cloud Voice, your telephony can now integrate with your Salesforce CRM. So agents get a better experience and supervisors get enhanced visibility across all channels, driven by AI insights on an intuitive console.

Unifying voice calls, digital channels, and CRM data in real time.

With a partner like us to natively integrate Intelligent telephony from Amazon Connect right inside of Salesforce, your agents will be able to quickly deploy agile phone support to work faster and smarter. Easily run and manage your support center from anywhere. 

Boost Agent Productivity

Once we’ve integrated Service Cloud Voice, your agents will have instant access to a complete view of the customer with better tools and insights. And with access to Einstein intelligence, agents have the ability to work from a single source of truth — all on one integrated platform — with more efficiency, from anywhere.

Integrate Calls Easily

Salesforce and The Ksquare Group can bring together the wide array of benefits of Amazon Connect, like intelligent cloud telephony, IVR, call routing and storage, with CRM data. You can give your agents all the context they need to help customers with fewer interactions.

Answer the Phone with AI

Agents can reduce average handle times and deliver a seamless customer experience with the help of voice transcription from Amazon Connect* and AI-powered recommendations from Einstein. This also analyzes customer-agent conversations and serves up the right knowledge articles and next steps, which empowers agents to solve customer issues faster.

Make It Personal

We understand how to transform your call center with proactive and personalized service. Service teams can exceed customer expectations with a full view of prior customer conversations. Your agents won’t need to put people on hold, fumble for answers, or transfer customers to other departments. 

The Ksquare Difference

Nearshore Talent

Salesforce & AWS

The Ksquare Group is certified in both Salesforce and AWS! With years of experience and expertise, we have the right team to help you with the ins and outs of Service Cloud Voice.

Nearshore software development

Custom Solutions

We built an accelerator as an add-on to Voice to help double the number of calls going out and 2X the efficiency of your team!

The Ksquare Group Culture

The Ksquare Culture

We are committed to building a culture of growth, not only in the careers of our employees but personally too. Happy employees means incredible work done for our clients.

How we have seen companies improve their customer service teams with Service Cloud Voice.

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