Preparing Private Equity Firm’s Acquisitions for Maximum ROI

The boom of the private equity industry is just getting started. If you are a Private Equity firm you know exactly what we are talking about! Research reveals that worldwide private equity assets under management (AUM) are expected to reach $5.8 trillion by 2025. ūüė≥The question is, are you ready? Ready for an influx of new investments and new technology to help manage those investments. The technology used by private equity firms to manage their investments and operations has never been more important than it is right now.

With years of experience helping companies implement and customize Salesforce for their organizations, we know a thing or two about technology for private equity firms. And that is why we are such firm believers in Salesforce ‚Äď the #1 CRM Provider that enables you to manage your acquisitions for maximum return.

With every Private Equity firm we support, we always strongly recommended integrating Salesforce as the heart of their acquired companies’ tech ecosystem.  Here’s why:

  • Best-in-class Data Security
  • Seamless & Relatively Quick Integration
  • Simplified Functionality
  • Limitless Growth


Working smarter, not harder.

When a Private Equity firm acquires a company, they need to shore up the tech ecosystem so that it is impervious to audits, and is buttoned up and checks all of the dozens of compliance boxes necessary to flip it or take it public.

Trying to handle all of these compliance issues manually one by one is very expensive, takes a long time, and is far from bulletproof. It takes constant work and expert attention to remain compliant.

A far better approach that has worked for a recent large PE client of ours is to work with an expert partner to install Salesforce as the heart of the technology ecosystem of the companies they acquire.

With Salesforce at the center of the tech ecosystem, Private Equity firms can have the peace of mind that their asset is fully compliant and ready for sale, IPO or audit.

By trusting a partner like The Ksquare Group, Private Equity firms can remain focused on their core strengths and leave the complex technology implementation and configuration to the experts.


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