Unleashing Power Apps to Empower Finance Organizations

Leveraging Microsoft Power Apps for Financial Excellence

Company Overview

Mueller dotKonnect offers comprehensive F&A services, including setup, maintenance, and management. Their qualified team, efficient processes, and integrated technology ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

The Challenge

  • Email overload hampers request management;
  • Missing timely actions harms internal and external parties;
  • Lack of SLA tracking and performance metrics;
  • Errors due to manual data entry in attached excel/PDF submissions.

Our Solution

  • User-friendly form with predefined logic for error-proof requests;
  • Integrated ticket system for end-to-end tracking;
  • Automated alerts and notifications for all involved parties;
  • Performance metrics and SLA tracking with reporting capabilities.


  • Reduced errors: Predefined form fields minimize data entry mistakes, saving time and effort in corrections.
  • Improved productivity: Streamlined request submission and downstream actions save hours of work.
  • Enhanced internal controls: Centralized view enables easy management of approval and review steps for data quality.
  • Efficient communication: Threaded communication and chat linked to each request for easy tracking.
  • Simplified collaboration: Centralized front-end page facilitates team collaboration and information retrieval.
  • Automated process: System-generated alerts and notifications ensure proactive action throughout the cycle.
  • Enhanced reporting and intelligence: Readily available metrics empower the treasury function.
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Phani Ilapakurty

Phani Ilapakurty

President | Mueller dotKonnect


“The colaboration with our partner The Ksquare Group helped to showcase Mueller dotKonnect (MdK)'s service delivery approach of TRANSFORM + MANAGE + EMPOWER in action. Even though we are engaged to take over and manage an existing finance & accounting function that is already defined to work, our engagement style generally is not to accept 'as is'. MdK looks out for streamlining, optimizing or automating business processes to make them more efficient, effective and easier to manage.

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At The Ksquare Group, we know that companies depend on technology to reach their business goals. With a team of talented consultants, software engineers, and designers, we are ready to conceptualize, implement, and escalate technological solutions that will let you unleash the full potential of your business.


Sumit Ralli

Sumit Ralli

Chief Revenue Officer | The Ksquare Group


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