The Ksquare Group

Meet our new identity

Meet our new identity

We introduce you to The Ksquare Group’s new brand identity, it expresses in a better way who we are, what we do, and where we aim at. It is a reflection of the progressive changes and growth that we have experienced in the last years. “We now have a fresh and better showcase for our foundation, our values, and the capabilities of our talent” – [Venket Kandanala, CEO].

The process of designing our new identity was not simple, but extensive teamwork made it possible with great outcomes: “Now that we are ready to go further and take bigger challenges, our image needed to be in sync with that” – [Mariana Castellanos, UI Lead].  

The company needed a new symbol, an imagotype to represent us as we are today. To achieve this, the design team relied on geometric shapes related to the context of our talent, and all of our services. “Our new symbol, colors, and typography succeed in representing us as the global company that we are” – [Rodrigo Marquez, UI Designer].  

Explore more about what motivated our renovation, check out this video to get an impression of our new visual identity:   

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