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By mixing global expertise and local insight, they will direct your project to excellence and potentiate your company’s growth.


Varma Buddharaju

Managing Partner Salesforce
Glenn Kohner

Managing Executive Partner

Ravi Kantamsetty

Salesforce MVP

Clara Pérez

Head of Engineering

Girish Mallampalli

Head of Architecture

Rodrigo Mendez

Head Enterprise Back End Engineer

José Vecino

A nearshore
Center of Excellence

In 2016, we set out on a journey to locate top engineering talent while providing cost-effective solutions for clients. This and more was found in Merida, Yucatan’s capital in the south of Mexico.

Working closely with our Dallas headquarters, together we help enterprises create high-quality products at exceptional prices, in record time, and with other benefits:


Time Zone

A time zone that overlaps with North America CST and EST time zones.


A few hours’ flights from some of North America’s most strategic cities.


Many companies have invested in the region, so there are resources for cultivating highly skilled talents.


Possibility of partnerships with prestigious universities to recruit and train the best talent.

Local Support

Great support and closeness with the city government for the development and increase of the operations.

Why Merida?

This city on the southeastern shore of Mexico offers good quality of life and a great place to take your professional career one step further. Technology is a newly expanding industry in Merida but is already contributing to the economic and technical progress of the area. We proudly are on top of the list of companies collaborating with the state to embrace better opportunities for its employees and new hires (from students to senior roles).

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