The Ksquare Group

NEC BACKUP for Salesforce: On-Demand Webinar

This webinar aims to bring insights into how organizations can leverage our solution to protect critical Salesforce Data, providing the enterprise-class backup your organization deserves.  

Here’s a list of things we’re covering in the webinar: 

  • NEC & The Ksquare Group business alliance 
  • What changed at Salesforce for BACKUP 
  • Drawbacks of Data Loss and no recovery option 
  • NEC BACKUP Product for Salesforce 
  • Best Practices for Data BACKUP 
  • Demonstration of POC  
  • Pricing involved  
  • How to buy the product?  
  • Q&A 

 We’re delighted to share the information mentioned above with you!   

Interested? Then, watch the webinar right away!