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MuleSoft Migration 3 to 4 Webinar:

Insights & Learnings

Learn from a real success story – Join us on “MuleSoft Migration 3 to 4 Insights & Learnings” to learn about how The Ksquare Group successfully mitigated the risk of Mule 3 support deprecation and helped a significant brand migrate securely to 4. Gear up for the webinar.

Download & read the highlights of our success story.

This 30 min
session will

  1. MuleSoft Migration 3 to 4: Overview
  2. When to plan for Migration 3 to 4
  3. Key Capabilities of MuleSoft 4
  4. Why opt for MuleSoft 4
  5. Best practices for MuleSoft 4

Our Speakers


Head of Engineering at The Ksquare Group


Head of Enterprise Backend

Ram Majji

VP of Salesforce Practice

Our Guests


CIO at Boy Scouts of America


VP / Information Technology (Boy Scouts of America)

Our Moderator

Warren Schatzle

Sales Manager

During the webinar

You will have real-time access to the speakers so that you can participate in polls, ask questions and stimulate discussions that benefit your business to the best.

Mule 3 to Mule 4 Migration - A Quick Guide

MuleSoft’s latest launch Mule 4, offers some exciting integration solutions for businesses at a low cost in a simplified manner, compared to its prior version, Mule 3. Know about the WHATs, WHYs & HOWs of MuleSoft Migration 3 to 4 in detail and experience how it can prove profitable for your business.