Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Vankishore Talasila

VankishoreTalasila is our Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With over 23 years of managing experience, he is responsible for ensuring that we work with the most advanced technology, providers, and processes, to make our projects more productive, scalable and enjoyable for all of us, at the time we keep delivering the highest quality to our clients. Vankishore position companies for future growth and competitive advantage through disruptive technology and digitization.   

His ability to combine unique approaches to digital and mobile technologies, BI, RPA, Machine Learning, and Cloud Services, lead him to deliver exceptional and differentiated Customer Experiences with a lens towards productivity, business value and efficiency.  

Before Ksquare, Vankishore managed up to 40 IT team members across the US, Europe, and India. As for highlights of his expertise: he drove an engineering culture shift through Fannie Mae’s Single-Family digital transformation, which encompassed cloud adoption and modernization of the technology stack. He also redesigned Barclay Bank’s digital payments (internet and mobile), directing the design and implementation of PingIt, a mobile payment platform for UK payments. This solution was later extended to international payments, enabling a safe transfer of currencies across 100 countries.   

Vankishore holds a Major in Computer Science and Systems by the Andhra University (India).