Head Front End Engineer

Rodrigo Mendez

Rodrigo is a software developer with over eight years of experience. He is characterized by being an entrepreneur, learning fast and always find improving for his professional skills. As a senior developer at Ksquare, he has collaborated in the architecture of different projects, led internal development projects and helped in the elaboration of new policies for the company. Rodrigo is also a leader for his team, as he continually looks after the growth of each member and does activities to foster a culture of close collaboration.

Rodrigo keep up with technological advances. He has experience working for technologies such as Linux, MacOs, Windows and other UINX-like OS with the following technologies:

JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, C/C++, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Node.js, React, Angular, Ionic, Webpack, Git, SQL, Bash.

Before working at Ksquare, Rodrigo was CTO of Makerlab where he developed projects such as Blastbot Home Automation Platafform (http://blastbot.io) and Aquila IoT, a platform for home automation and internet of things designed to facilitate prototyping, development and testing of ideas in interconnected devices.

Rodrigo is a Computer Engineer from the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán and has studied German up to level B1 from IMCI Languages.