Managing Partner Salesforce

Glenn Kohner

Glenn Kohner is one of our key leaders in Salesforces service. He has over 20 years of experience in software engineering, CRM and executive leadership. His unique background in sales and engineering allows him to provide a complete overview of our customers to help them increase their sales.

With over 8000 billable hours on Salesforce projects, Glenn was the ninth person to become a Salesforces Certified Technical Architect. He has also supervised just over 50,000 billable hours of work on the platform. Glenn is also certified in business excellence programs such as ISO 9000, Six Sigma and CMMI.

Prior to joining Ksquare, Glenn created Great Wave Technologies in 2003, a technology developer with expertise in Salesforce and cloud technology. In 2019 these two companies joined forces to deliver the best Salesforce service in the market, where Glenn brings his outstanding experience and talent.

Glenn earned a BS in Management Information Systems from the University of Miami and certifications as a developer and technical architect from