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How a US City Improved Community Management Using Ksquare’s Solution


Our client, a US City – a thriving community in the heart of the East Coast, was finding it hard to create a firm connection between the public and the administration on whole. The client required a system that addressed various functional issues such as –  

  • Disconnect between the class management and their member portal.  
  • Public spaces needed measures such as – their availability to the public, maintenance time, reservations, and costs.  
  • Time constraints on creating, publishing, and modifying town programs along with instructor costs. 
  • A dedicated portal for the people of community to create online reservations and registrations ramfor the programs.  
  • Tracking inventory for town assets. 
  • A Point-of-Sale (POS) with multiple payment options including on-hand credit card payments, gift cards, checks, and online payments.  
  • Console to configure, manage, assign, and sell scholarships, account credits, public gift cards, passes 


The Ksquare Group has a strong foothold in Salesforce. In order to facilitate our client, we leveraged the following offerings — 

  • Salesforce 
  • Fonteva Framework 
  • Apex 
  • Lightning Components, REST End Points 


Ksquare enabled an open channel of communication and meetings with clients. As a recommended solution, Ksquare offered 3 custom applications that meets the customer demand which was built on Salesforce and Fonteva Framework. A customizable management package was created to fulfil the client requirements.  

For the application of each module delivered, Ksquare conducted on-site discovery sessions followed by agile sprints that delivered weekly releases of the application comprising – new features, enhancements and bug resolution.  

How it helped our client

PoS application was created for the Salesforce platform. The client’s processes to create and manage the programs based on underlining architecture of Fonteva will be much faster now with the plugin feature of program builder.  

Ksquare enabled seamless designs of the integration path between the plugin and the resource reservation system.   

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