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How a US City Implemented Ksquare’s Solutions for Management During COVID-19


Our client – a thriving community in the East Coast, was actively scouting for a partner who could help them distribute, track, and manage inventory of all of their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the face of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. Departments across the place sought access to the city’s PPE resources.

These resources were kept separate initially, but our client wanted to pool the resources together to track inventor, so all personnel are well equipped with these resources in advance. To serve the wider community, there was a need to breakdown traditional barriers using technology, and so Ksquare did it!  


Ksquare holds advanced expertise in Salesforce. In order to facilitate our client, we leveraged the following offerings —

  • Salesforce
  • Fonteva
  • Ksquare Inventory


Ksquare devised its technologies within Salesforce and Fonteva to change the way our client’s inventory is handled among its pool of users. The city’s users were able to track and manage the inventory across multiple locations to make sure PPE resources are available all the time. It also paved a way for our client to report efficiently city-wide.

How it helped our client

The city can now easily track, dispense and replenish their PPE supplies in advance. The inventory is regularly and readily available for its personnel and the community in general. The reports are easily accessible to build and display in Salesforce.

Using our technology has enabled real-time tracking of PPE supplies across the entire city, enhanced visibility, tracking and reporting on these resources.  

Everyone in the town especially our client’s employees, now have access to the PPE supplies. It has also helped them in improved town management and risk management amidst the pandemic.

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