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Design Services

Product, service and visual design services with customer experience and growth in mind.

No project can succeed if it doesn't start with good design

In a complex technological environment; functionality and great experiences go hand-in-hand to create products that are not only effective in their operation, but also practical, intuitive, and pleasant for the user.

Design Audit

Full evaluation of your product with an analysis report showcasing areas that need redesign. Check the quality of your product and strengthen your company’s brand.

Design Sprints

Collaborate efficiently with your teams. Run a five-day process innovation workshop to solve problems and test new ideas with key participants of your organization.

Design System

Prevent inconsistencies when shipping products at scale. Stay synced with a single system to manage components, coded elements, and detailed documentation.

Information Architecture

Create efficient IA to help your customers seamlessly navigate through content. Improve bounce rate with a powerful user experience design.

Journey Map

Capture the customer experience across all touchpoints, including their emotional status, demographics, and preferences.

Service Blueprints

Identify and improve process breakdowns and opportunities with a clear vision. Follow each action of your customer and analyze them from the company perspective.

Stakeholder Map

Leverage the opinions and influence of your most powerful stakeholders to help shape the project. Improve your success rate without excessive communication.

Usability Tests

Validate your assumptions to understand user mind–frame and product reception. Identify any red flags or issues prior to launch to avoid unnecessary expenses.


Build the foundations of a solid design with a highly collaborative deliverable. Beautiful user experiences with an understanding of mobile apps and platform needs.

A new way
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Boldbox, our design practice

We aim to build a design culture that nurtures designers with ever-evolving processes and has people who work with versatile collaboration and strategy.


The intent of this article to explore the Appliance Service Industry, its technology footprint, challenges, and potential solutions.