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Dedicated Phishing Campaign

Dedicated Phishing Campaign

Data breaches are one of the biggest security risks that enterprises face. In 2019, the direct economic loss due to data breach was in average $25k per corporate email compromise and $8k per user computer (Verizon, 2019). Looking at the full picture, the financial consequences of data breaches can be catastrophic, especially for Small and Medium Size Businesses (SMBs), IBM found out that last year organizations with less than 500 employees lost $2.5 million on average due this vulnerability in their systems. 

A successful phishing email is the starting point for cybersecurity emergencies.

Phishing activities have existed for years, however, not many business leaders know the consequences of these criminal techniques: they are the cause of 32% of data breaches, and most malware systems infections (94% come via fake emails). 

Cybercriminals mainly target start-ups and SMBs, as they are the door to enter big corporations due to the commercial partnerships between them; the weakest link is the easiest to attack. 

This situation has become particularly delicate since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, as many companies were enforced to send their employees to work from home without the right training and equipment protection. 

Reduce the risks for your business with our Dedicated Phishing Campaign Service.

Our assessment allows you to identify, analyze, and measure the maturity level that your organization has in mitigating business risks. The objective is to close the gaps with the best practices on cybersecurity. 

The service works as follows: 

  1. After an understanding of your organization’s stakeholders and information processes, our consultants activate a Dedicate Phishing Campaign. Within a timeframe, a scope of people (or targets) is selected based on key strategic positions, then, a custom email is created and sent; this email is carefully designed to be really attractive for your employees to click on it. 
  1. Once the employee has clicked on the bait, you will be able to see in real-time all the data related to the campaign targets, including scores by ID, position, department, geography, etc. This information will allow you to define a proper security strategy and lower the risks for their business. 
  1. Finished the campaign, a report is delivered with an appropriate evaluation of your company‚Äôs cybersecurity maturity level. Now your security panel can identify the right path to close those gaps. 

Our Dedicated Phishing Campaign Service includes: 

  • Password strength analysis for key collaborators. 
  • Cloning of internal and external business pages. 
  • Checking accounts that have already been compromised in a data breach. 
  • 100% at your choice: one-off or recurring phishing campaigns. 
  • Custom reports. 
  • Follow-up training for all the staff. 
  • Email templates for organizations to create quick phishing campaigns by themselves. 

It is time to protect your corporate information in a predictive, preventive, or corrective way. We have a group of experts and diverse solutions for your entire workforce to have a strong culture in cybersecurity: remember that a well-trained staff is the best way to avoid putting a business at risk. 

Reach out to one of our experts today.

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