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Case Study | SaaS Product Company

Case Study | SaaS Product Company

Migration solution helps a SaaS product company stand on its own for continued growth and success.


We completed a divestiture for a $193M legal software company. Our customer covers the entire client lifecycle with lead management, case management, billing and invoicing, and robust reporting. It included market leading features such as integrated payments, 2-way text messaging, and the client portal to centralize client communication and share files securely.


Our client was initially part of a growth company acquired and grown with shared systems which created a history of complex code and integrations. So, when the time came for our client to become its own independent company they couldn’t operate until they migrated systems. With the fear of losing momentum and revenue growth, our client felt the pressure to complete their independency from their parent company as quickly and efficiently as possible. They were looking to build trusted partners they could count on, not only for this project but for their continued growth as well.


Using our range of business and technical consulting skills to support this complex effort we decided to provide agile sprints to test the impact and gather organizational wide feedback on risks and scope options. By adapting managed packages and test coverage we were able to minimize technical debt with milestone dates. Using Autorabit and Salesforce Zuora our goal was to create a full end to end system for marketing, CRM, finance, payments and analytics for our client.


After migrating 100M+ records, procured and integrated 52 new systems, and supported 100% revenue continuity, our client was functioning completely as an independent company ready for growth and success.

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