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Best practices adopted for Mule 4

Best practices:

  • Avoid implementing business logic in the interface layer.
  • Make use of reusable flows if and whenever needed.
  • Having a strategy for organizing files, like creating packages representing the API involved.
  • Make use of Traits, ResourceTypes, DataTypes, and Examples to create reusable components and keep them in separated files.
  • Use RAML DataTypes validations when possible.
  • Identify and implement a reusable logic for handling common errors.
  • Usage of custom error types for improved flexibility on handling errors.
  • Extract common business logic and organize it into custom DataWeave Modules.
  • In DataWeave, extract complex logic inside a function with a descriptive name.
  • Always use a built-in function from DataWeave to achieve your goals – make sure to read the DataWeave documentation.
  • Document yourself, so you always choose the best components for the logic you want to implement.

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